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Commercial and Residential Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

K.O. Pest Control is certified in public health by the state of Pennsylvania to perform sanitizing and disinfecting services for both residential and commercial businesses. Homes, businesses, restaurants, we can clean almost anywhere!

Starting as low as $.35 per square foot.

K.O. Pest Control Is Your Termite Control Specialist

Our specialty is Termite control and Termite repair. Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year and that is why we specialize in Termite control and prevention as a priority.

The first step in prevention is to know you have Termites before much damage occurs. Most people don’t know they have termites until they see a swarm coming out of a damaged area. K.O. Pest Control inspects your home and can identify a problem before much damage is caused.

K.O. Rodent Control

Rodents are nuisance pests that includes mice, rats, and squirrels. They contaminate food, damage property, and spread disease. They can also introduce disease-carrying parasites such as fleas and ticks into your home.

K.O. Pest Control takes great care to make sure these household pests stay controlled and outside were they belong. K.O. Pest control is certified in the control of public health vertebrae like rats, mice, birds, and wildlife.

Roach And Pest Control

Roaches and Bed Bugs are a troublesome problem here in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

K.O. Pest Control has the experience to control these troublesome pests effectively. Allowing K.O. Pest Control to treat Roach and Bed Bug infestation can increase safety, and provide a more effective approach to getting rid of Bed Bugs and Cockroaches. K.O. provides an ongoing solution to Cockroach and Bed Bug control.

Another Happy Customer!

“K.O. Pest Control is the best around. On a routine inspection and service call, they found a gigantic problem that could have caused thousands of dollars in future costs. K.O. Pest Control corrected the problem and fixed the damage for a reasonable fee that saved me a lot of money. The quality of the knowledge and services rendered is second to none. I highly and without reservation recommend K.O. Pest Control to anyone seeking such services.”

Christopher P. Fiore, Esquire

Fiore & Barber, LLC

“K.O. Pest Control is the best at what they do! We had what I thought was a problem with ants – it turns out these were Termites. K.O. Pest Control was knowledgeable, repaired damage and provided follow up calls. I would highly recommend K.O. Pest Control.”

Scott Taylor

Bensalem Home Owner

Our Mission & Vision

K.O. Pest Control

Our mission is to honor God and the trust of our clients in all of our services so as to provide a healthy and clean environment to live and work in! Call the best for less forget about the rest! We are the best

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